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How to select a kitchen chimney

How to select a kitchen chimney

Electrical Kitchen chimney is nowadays trending in Indian domestic kitchens. Its most essential thing in the kitchen. An average, the price of a house in cities like Hyderabad, Secunderabad is about 35 lakhs. Everybody is going with expensive interiors and appliances in their homes.

Women in India spend most of their time in kitchens. One statistic says 38% of their life spent in kitchens only. It's fact.

An electric chimney is a must appliance in the kitchen, Hyderabadies are Foodies and Consume more oil, masala, fries, and non-veg. the absence of chimney in the kitchens results in forming oil layers in the whole household items. Chimneys suck smoke, bad, and other fumes.

So it’s essential to have much literacy about our kitchen equipment’s especially Chimneys.

Being an electrical engineer and equipment designer I will highlight only three points. Don’t go much depth into everything.


In Demas Smart Home, I absorbed most of my customers are asking for much higher suction capacity chimneys. One of my customers asked for 2000 m3/hr suction, I shocked and asked several questions like kitchen volume, oil consumption for month etc, after understanding the customer's kitchen position I suggested him to take 1000m3/hr, Elica Glace ETB PLUS LTW 60 chimney. after a few months, he came to the store along with his wife and shared his experience, overall they are happy.

While selecting suction, one should know the volume of the kitchen, let’s take an example: length is 3mtr, breadth is 3 meter and height is 3 meter, so the total volume of the kitchen is

3 x 3 x 3 =27 m3

The suction of the chimney should not be less than ten times the volume of the kitchen, in this particular case its required suction is 27 x 10 =270m3/hr

We generally operate chimney at its first speed i.e. it rotates at almost half of the rated suction, if we have a 1000m3/h chimney then its suction will be about 500m3/hr, which is double than the required suction. So I recommend suction between 1000m3/hr-1250m3/hr.

If the suction is higher, there are chances of catching fire and the noise also more than 60db which is dangerous.


Noise is the key constraint one should keep in mind before buying a chimney. Most of the unbranded and China imported chimneys looks great but coming to the performance they are inferior. The customer can not realize the actual suction even at physical observation, only he can realize the noise difference from one to other. In our store Demas Smart Home we measure sound with “sound level meter”. So that customer will get clear confirmation of sound levels. The sound at first speed should not be more than 50db. Better if it is in between 21db – 45db.

Elica is using a unique technology called EDS (Elica Deep Silence). there are several models in Elica with EDS technology. EDS chimneys operate at a sound of 21db at its first speed which is lesser than the human audible sound range.

Warranty & Local Service Stations:

Warranty is an important aspect for any electrical appliance. Most of the chimney companies say hood comes with a lifetime warranty. But the customer should ask, how many years equal for a lifetime? Few companies say 5 years is a lifetime, some says 7 years, 10 years etc., but Elica is offering 15 years as the lifetime.

A customer should know what are the components covers under Warranty? Most of the companies give warranty only on the motor. But Elica chimneys under warranty covers, motor, rotor, filters body etc., for the better understanding customer should read warranty card.

In Hyderabad, Elica is having more than 5 service centers.